Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 games - Part 4 - 70-61

070.Streets of Rage (Megadrive)
I originally got this scrolling beat em up on the Mega Games compilation and whilst it lacks the majesty of its sequel, it's still a great game that I played all the way through several times.

069.Jet Set Willy (Spectrum)
Despite never even coming close to completing it, I used to spend days just trying to find new rooms and waiting for the yacht to sail...

068.Robocop (Spectrum)
A classy movie adap from Ocean with their now customary multi-level template.

067.Paperboy (Arcade)
The arcade original with the handlebar controller was brilliant, and the game itself original and addictive. But tough!

066.Robocop VS Terminator (Megadrive)
Bloody and gory fun in a comic-book-style platform shooter. Superb fun.

065.R-Type (Master System) NEW ENTRY
In my opinion the best home console version, although fellow 8-bit the ZX Spectrum gives it a run for its money :-)

064.Grand Theft Auto (PC)
I've never got on with the 3D versions preferring instead the toy-car style violence of the original two games. GOURANGA!

063.Speedball 2 (MD)
One of the greatest future sports games ever, if not THE greatest. Best with 2 players, Speedball 2 is great combination of handball, football, rugby and Street Fighter.

062.Resident Evil 5 (XBOX 360)
Despite a major control lapse (you can't walk and shoot!), I found Resi 5 to be a highly enjoyable and fast paced action game. Not many scares though...

061.Dino Crisis (Playstation)
It's Resident Evil with dinosaurs. What more do you want?

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