Monday, 25 June 2012

Jdanddiet's top 100 Movies: 50-41

50.Men in Black
Not a serious sci-fi film by any means, but one of such considerable fun and escapism that it's impossible not to like.

Rather than his overrated Batman films, I went back to the original backwards classic starring Guy Pearce.  Still fascinates me to this day.
48.A Few Good Men
You can't handle the truth!  Ok, Jack Nicholson does rather steal the show, but Tom Cruise and in particular my perennial lurking-in-the-background favourite, Kevin Pollak combine with a sharp script to produce a very excellent military thriller.

47.Jurassic Park
The original dino-stomping disaster movie, and one that has yet to be bettered despite the advances in film technology.

46.The Wicker Man
With my memory conveniently blotting out any trace of the Nic "I must fire my agent" Cage's dreadful remake, I will never forget the first time I saw the stunning conclusion to the terrifying original.  All that folk music, ugh.

45.Marathon Man

The 70's brought a whole slew of understated, yet tension-packed thrillers and this is my slightly unoriginal pick of them.  I still don't know if it's safe...
44.Dog Soldiers
A great werewolf movie with one of the best taglines of all time:  "Six men. Full Moon.  No chance."
43.Minority Report
Despite once more a Hollywood sci-fi film bearing little relation to its illustrious source material, Minority Report is a classy sci-fi thriller that I still enjoy every rewatch.
42.Young Guns
This may be the point where many finally give up the ghost on my top 100, but I make no apologies for adoring this brat-pack update of the Billy the Kid legend.
41.28 Days Later
I love a zombie thriller, and 28 Days Later updated the genre superbly with - zombies that run!

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