Monday, 17 September 2012

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games 2012 Part Eight: The Top Ten

The fantastic Laser Squad
So here's my top ten for 2012 - with a new entry at number 1!  But first...

10.Laser Squad (Spectrum) (down 2)
Julian Gollop's amazing strategy title is still an intense and challenging tactical combat game.  Think it's easy?  Well, maybe it is a piece of piss to assassinate ol' Sterner Regnix - but try taking on the Cyber Hordes and see how you get on trooper.

9.Academy (Spectrum) (up 2)
Pete Cooke's fantastic space shooter saw a bit of action last year thanks to my article on CRL;  I've carried on playing it into 2012 and still spend ages just tinkering with the skimmer's interface.  Shame Pete has not surfaced - if you're reading this Mr. Cooke, thanks for one of the greatest Speccy games ever!

8.Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (Megadrive) (up 4)
Admittedly my experience of Megadrive RPGs is far from extensive (a dash of Phantasy Star, a dot of D&D), yet BR:CTD has always captivated me thanks to its smart graphics, compulsive battles and oddly ethereal music.

The Plasma Cutter, the best Dead Space weapon by miles!
7.Dead Space (Xbox 360) (up 13)
Isaac's original encounter on the Ishimura rises 13 this year and remains the highest placed 360 game.  Less frenetic than the sequel, the sense of encroaching doom is palpable, the gameplay is as smooth and nicely balanced as its taciturn protagonist makes his way through the cursed ship.

6.Half-Life 2 (PC) (down 4)
The Half Life games have lost their lustre somewhat for me;  maybe it's the mass of FPS on the 360 that has diluted the classics of the genre.  Or maybe they're just beginning to play a bit clunkily.  In any case, HL2 does enough to comfortably remain in the top ten, although its position is far from secure.  Better hold on to that crowbar, Gordon.

5.Command & Conquer:  Red Alert (PC) (no move)
Standing by, Commander.

4.Resident Evil REmake (Gamecube) (up 2)
I'm still amazed by this game; the graphics are lovely, but the real treat is the effort that has gone into adding extra rooms and gameplay elements.  A real treat for any Resi fan.

Gulp!  Taking on a Dragon in Baldur's Gate 2
3.Baldur's Gate 2 (PC) (up 1)
Bioware's excellent game is still a wonderful example of a story-driven RPG.  As much as I loved the original, the sequel's loosening up of D&D rules and thrilling plot always trumps it for me.  Plus, when I played the original it came on 5 cds!  Disc-swapping hijinks!

2.Streets of Rage 2 (Megadrive) (up 1)
SOR2 replaces Half Life 2 at number 2....not the biggest beneficiary of my recent Megadrive gaming run, but it doesn't have as far to go as the others!  SOR2 remains a scrolling brawler of high pedigree thanks its damn near violent perfection.

And the number one for 2012 is...

1.Resident Evil 4 (Wii) (new entry - sort of)
OK, I've cheated a bit, it's not really a new number 1.  The Wii version of the-already-brilliant Resident Evil 4 is essentially the same game - with new controls.  But as any game player will tell you, controls can make or ruin a game and fortunately the Wii makes good use of both its remote and nunchuck, turning Resi 4 into an even more exciting and spooky adventure.

So that's it for 2012.  Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet.  The fun begins now for Jdanddiet's top 100 games 2013.

Until then, stay safe and keep gaming...


  1. To this day I've yet to play any Resident Evil games. Watched someone else play a demo of Resident Evil 2 a few times, but that's it.

    Maybe next year Decap Attack'll find a place on this list!

  2. Lots of good games in that list, and quite a few I've yet to play! Look forward to seeing how they all shift round next year...

  3. Resident bloody Evil? Pah! I'm thinking of including that in my 'Overrated' feature actually. Although I should probably buy some kevlar body armour first :| Looking through the rest of your top ten, I think SOR2 is the only one I've played properly. Cracking game though, I certainly agree on that one!