Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Warcraft Article Extra: Original Design Document

This month's issue of Retro Gamer (111) includes an article that I've been working on for some time: The Making of Warcraft.

This was one of my favourite games back in the 90's - an RTS that combined a rip-roaring fantasy setting with exciting, fast-paced strategy gaming.

One of my interviewees, Warcraft designer Stu Rose, kindly sent me the original design document for this famous game and I have uploaded it here.  Most of Stu's interview unfortunately could not appear in the article, so I shall shortly post it here.  Meantime feel free to check out the document, it includes several elements that didn't make it into the final game including characters and spells.

Issue 111 of Retro Gamer is out now and features loads more cool articles such as The history of Lode Runner, an Imagitec company profile and the making of Carrier Command.

Link to original Warcraft Design Document

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