Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games - First 50 recap

With Part 6 imminent, let's recap the first 50 entries:-

100.Golden Axe (Megadrive)
099.Nemesis (Arcade)
098.Universal Soldier (Megadrive)
097.Sea Battle (Intellivision)
096.Hypersports (ZX Spectrum)
095.Batty (ZX Spectrum)
094.Halo (XBOX)
093.Cobra (ZX Spectrum)
092.Gynoug (Megadrive)
091.Prince Valiant (Gameboy)
090.Harrier Attack (ZX Spectrum)
089.Quazatron (ZX Spectrum)
088.Alien Syndrome (Master System)
087.Alien Storm (Megadrive)
086.Myth (ZX Spectrum)
085.Silpheed (MegaCD)
084.Burnout (Gamecube)
083.Brian Lara Cricket 96 (Megadrive)
082.Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (PC)
081.Saboteur (ZX Spectrum)
080.Space Battle (Intellivision)
079.Goldeneye (N64)
078.Max Payne (PC)
077.Light Crusader (Megadrive)
076.Icewind Dale (PC)
075.Doom (PC)
074.Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (XBOX)
073.Renegade (ZX Spectrum)
072.Moon Patrol (Arcade)
071.Fallout 2 (PC)
070.Streets of Rage (Megadrive)
069.Jet Set Willy (ZX Spectrum)
068.Robocop (ZX Spectrum)
067.Paperboy (Arcade)
066.Robocop vs Terminator (Megadrive)
065.R-Type (Master System)
064.Grand Theft Auto (PC)
063.Speedball 2 (Megadrive)
062.Resident Evil 5 (XBOX 360)
061.Dino Crisis (Playstation)
060.Impossible Mission (ZX Spectrum)
059.PGA European Tour (Megadrive)
058.Unreal Tournament (PC)
057.Call of Cthuhlu: Dark Corners of the Earth (XBOX)
056.Ranger X (Megadrive)
055.The Terminator (MegaCD)
054.Warcraft (PC)
053.Cybernoid (ZX Spectrum)
052.Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
051.Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC)

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