Friday, 16 September 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 games - Part 6 - 50-41

050.Turbo Esprit (Spectrum)
Mike Richardson's free-roaming driving game classic was quite like nothing else on the speccy. Even if you didn't bother trying to catch any drug dealers, the game was a joy to play, zooming around a real living breathing city.

049.Die Hard Trilogy (Playstation)
A wonderful trio of entertaining games, and also great value for money. My favourite was the partly-maligned first section based around the original film. Shame they couldn't repeat the magic for the disappointing Alien Trilogy.

048.The Revenge of Shinobi (Megadrive)
Another Mega Games, erm, game, and another that I played and played and played. A difficult and challenging entry in the famous series, Revenge nonetheless was an addictive side scrolling run and jump/gunner.

047.Gauntlet IV (Megadrive)
Not only does Gauntlet IV go back to basics (after the daft isometric third game), adding RPG elements as well, but also included are the two original games! Outstanding value and great multiplayer action.

046.Super Mario Land (Gameboy)
My only real foray into the land of Mario, and a game that was perfectly suited to Nintendo's little wonder.

045.Micro Machines (Megadrive)
Another multiplayer delight, and a superb concept to boot (from Codemasters).

044.Resident Evil 2 (Playstation)
Set in and around the Raccoon City Police Station, RE2 cranked up the tension, scares and puzzles to produce a bigger and more exciting adventure.

043.Flying Shark (Spectrum)
One of the finest shooters ever on any 8-bit computer, let alone the Spectrum. The monochrome graphics are just sharp enough, the gameplay exquisitely balanced.

042.Strider (Megadrive)
Renowned favourite of the Retro Gamer Magazine's editor Darran Jones, although I've admittedly never played the arcade original. The Megadrive version is perfect, however, so I see no need!

041.Fifa Soccer 95 (Megadrive)
Back when footie games were simple. Basic, maybe, but the ability to score spectacular goals and put together some decent passing moves was a huge plus over the original FIFA.

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