Monday, 19 September 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 games - Part 7 - 40-31

040.Half Life (PC)
Back in 1998, First Person Shooters were already starting to become a little staid as publishers released game after game in this genre. Valve changed all that.

039.The Simpsons: Hit and Run (Gamecube) NEW ENTRY
It's pretty difficult not to love this amusing driving and action game based on the famous cartoon.

038.Tracksuit Manager (Spectrum)
Despite looking like nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet, this Footie Management Sim utilised a fascinating written commentary for matches that was far superior to any graphics the Speccy could manage. A host of tactical and logistical options would keep you occupied for months.

037.3D Deathchase (Spectrum)
It was criticized for its simplicity, but this in my opinion was its biggest draw. And yes, I did pretend I was on a speeder bike!

036.Kung Fu Master (Arcade)
Nothing tells you more about this arcade game than when I used to go into arcades in the late 80's full of exciting new games, only to be back drawn to Kung Fu Master...

035.Desert Strike (Megadrive)
Mike Posehn's brilliant isometric shooter squeezed every drop out of the 16-bit Megadrive and was an engaging, original blaster to boot.

034.Tetris (Gameboy)
The original puzzler that sold a million Gameboys. Probably.

033.Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (PS2)
It may be considered an inconsequential step in the evolution of Resident Evil, wedged between the old, fixed perspective style and the new flashy Resident Evil 4, but I still found CV an exciting and compelling Resident Evil chapter.

032.Rebelstar (Spectrum)
Dear Mr. Gollop, just to let you know you were probably responsible for me failing my Maths GCSE! This hugely playable and addictive strategy title also cost an incredible £1.99 - best value ever? 2 player mode was brilliant.

031.Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (Xbox) NEW ENTRY
Whilst the Dark Alliance games have nothing of the PC original's depth or complexity, the pure hack/slash/loot gameplay is hugely compulsive. This sequel vastly increased my enjoyment thanks to the option to create your own magical weapon

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