Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games 2012 Part Five: 60-51

60.The Terminator (Mega CD) (down 5)
The Mega CD didn't have many classics, but I've always had a soft spot for this enhanced version of the Megadrive original.  A brilliant, thumping and classy soundtrack helps. It slips 5 this year.

59.Half Life (PC) (down 19)
Hard to believe that this PC classic is so old it didn't actually require a 3D graphics card to work!  Nowadays with the FPS genre so saturated it appears old hat;  actually, for me anyway, it was streets ahead of anything else at the time.
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2
58.Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (Xbox) (down 27)
I'd just completed this game around the time I was compiling this list last year so I think its placing was a little generous.  Still a fun loot dropper.

57.Icewind Dale (PC) (up 19)
Ah, Icewind Dale, the frosty fingers of winter elevate you up 19 places to 57.  Generic?  Yes.  Innovative?  No.  Stereotyped?  Yes.  But I love it.  A recent replay sees this game rise.  I would LOVE to do an article on it but that seems unlikely...but you never know...

56.New Star Soccer (iOS) (New Entry)
Many years ago, Gremlin Graphics released a footie game called Footballer of the Year.  New Star Soccer is a brilliant updated version of the Gremlin classic.  Take a lower league team to the top whilst furthering your own career, or get tempted by the money and sign for a big club?  A fantastically addictive little game.
Another beautiful morning on the sprawl
55.Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360) (New Entry)
As you must all know by now, I'm a fan of survival horror and Dead Space games represent in my opinion, the current pinnacle of the genre.  DS2 upped the action but by no means reduced the fear content, as witnessed by the nail-biting return to the Ishimura, the original game's setting.
54.Outrun (Arcade) (down 28)
Sega's famous racer moves down a few if I could just find that cab on the cheap...

Treasure's farewell to the Megadrive: Light Crusader
53.Light Crusader (Megadrive) (up 24)
Another MD game to benefit from the machines recent move in the Jdanddiet household from garage to playroom.  Treasure's final game on Sega's machine and a classic.

52.The Simpsons Hit and Run (Gamecube) (down 13)
Such inane wackiness.  And I'm not even that keen on the Simpsons!

51.Tetris (Gameboy) (down 17)
How may hours of your life were lost to this GB classic puzzler?

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  1. That was quick!

    I got Hit & Run with my Xbox back in 2005, haven't really spent that much time with it yet - and I love the Simpsons!