Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games 2012 Part Four: 70-61

Casual urban violence in the original GTA
70.Grand Theft Auto (PC) (down 6)
The original GTA will always hold a place in my heart thanks to its random, pointless violence and thumping soundtrack.  I've never got on with any of the 3D versions so don't expect to see them in this list.

69.The Curse of Monkey Island (PC) (down 17)
The third in the famous Monkey Island games slips a few places thanks to new entries and the fact I haven't played it for some time.

68.Resident Evil 2 (Playstation) (down 24)
Another big faller...PS games really look awful these days when played on big screens.  Stick 'em on a portable CRT though and they're still tops.
high-kicking action in Kung-Fu Master

67.Kung-Fu Master (Arcade) (down 31)
It's sheer playability ensures KFM doesn't slip too far down the chart.  A 10p classic.

66.Gauntlet IV (Megadrive) (down 19)
Seems like these ten games are all big fallers...Nevertheless, Gauntlet IV is a great-value game for the MD;  the original classic Gauntlet game plus an updated version with RPG knobs on.

65.Silent Hill (Playstation) (down 35)
...And to the biggest faller of all.  I revisited SH recently for an article that didn't materialise past the idea stage and it staggered me how horrible it looked and awkward the gameplay was.  Time has not been kind, although it still has bags of atmosphere.

64.Cobra (Spectrum) (up 29)
Hooray!  A riser!  When I came to the Ocean segment of my Spectrum 30th Anniversary Celebration, I wanted to include some lesser known games.  This reduced my options for the well-known classics, and after a brief play of a few of them, there was only one winner: Cobra.  Joffa Smiff's finest hour.

The brilliant XBLIG game Dead Pixels
63.Dead Pixels (XBLIG) (New Entry)
This XBLIG game has been on my hard drive for months now and it still gets an occasional blast, despite having been completed several times over.  A loving homage to Resident Evil, River City Ransom and Zombie movies, it's a simple, yet ferociously entertaining shooter.  80 msp?  Ridiculous bargain! You can check out my Making of Dead Pixels here: http://jdanddiet.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/making-ofdead-pixels.html

62.Robocop vs Terminator (Megadrive) (up 4)
I played this again recently for another article idea.  Still had great fun, so it rises a handful of places.

61.Dino Crisis (Playstation) (no move)
Dino Crisis holds on to its position despite the PS-era survival horrors above.  Maybe the lower echelons of this list are where these games deserve to be...for now.


  1. Yeay, someone else likes Gauntlet 4! :)

  2. I think it's great! Oh well, we can be its two fans lol

  3. Haha, it is a fantastic game though, and perhaps the greatest 'conversion' ever! Any time I feel like playing the original Gauntlet, I always come to this version - not just arcade perfect but arcade better; the music is superb :)