Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games 2012 Part One: 100-91

As we will see, this year's list reflects several things such as my Xbox 360 (which I've now owned for well over a year) and the games I play in order to conduct research for articles (it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!).  Subsequently there's quite a few new entries and therefore - inevitably - a few drop outs.

Let's fight!

100.Burnout (Gamecube) (down 16 places)
One of the few racers on the list is in danger of dropping out next year as I play more games of genres that I generally prefer.  Still great fun to play.

99.Doom (PC) (down 24)
The Xbox 360 is riddled with FPS' and perhaps that's why I didn't engage particularly well when I tried out Doom again the other day.  A big dropper of 24 places as...

98.F.E.A.R. (Xbox 360) (New Entry)
...another FPS joins the list!  FEAR had previous gen-standard graphics when it appeared on the Xbox 360, but I found the game to be a masterclass in manipulating some genuinely creepy moments. Nevertheless, I suspect it will be a fleeting stay for FEAR in my top 100 list.
Universal Soldier

97.Universal Soldier (Megadrive) (up 1)
Ballistic's cheeky Turrican re-write is great fun even if a bit of a con.

96.Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (Gamecube) (New Entry)
Somehow omitted last year (although its sequel featured in 2011), this action RPG was hailed a Future Classic in Retro Gamer a few months back and this persuaded me to give it another go.  Still hugely enjoyable.

95.Paperboy (Arcade) (down 28)
Another big dropper, mainly because I get too frustrated playing it these days!

94.Renegade (Spectrum) (down 21)
Perhaps surprising, as Renegade is still a playable and fine beat 'em up on the Speccy.

93.Goldeneye (N64) (down 14)
The one N64 game from last year dips a few places.  It's starting to look its age.

92.Fallout 2 (PC) (down 21)
I have the mammoth Fallout 3 to play on the Xbox 360, and despite this version's sharp graphics and intriguing storyline, I expect it to drop out in favour of its sequel in a year's time.

Alan Wake
91.Alan Wake (Xbox 360) (New Entry)
Slightly disappointing for many thanks to its long genesis, yet I found Alan Wake to be an excellent 3rd person action game with a plot to match.


  1. Lists are good and always and I like them - and good on you! The only person I've ever heard praising Universal Soldier!

    Might start my list in the next few days...

  2. Thanks man. I just like the game...

  3. What sequel to baldurs gate is that? Didn't know anything had made in the BG series for ages?

  4. It was a console version of the famous PC game - it singlehandedly invented the action rpg genre.

  5. I bought Alan Wake a while back on Steam. Yet to play it, but looking forward to doing so.