Friday, 17 August 2012

Jdanddiet's Top 100 Games 2012 Part Two: 90-81

90.Alien Syndrome (Master System) (down 2 places)
This arcade conversion translated very well to the MS.  Good clean alien-blasting fun.

89.Golden Axe (Megadrive) (up 11)
I still have very fond memories of this fantastic Megadrive arcade conversion so I fired it up the other day.  A bout of 2 player fun with my son elevates it eleven places in this year's list.

88.Shaolin's Road (Arcade) (NE)
Having downloaded and played a fair amount on Microsoft's Game Room lately, this is the game (along with Jackal which just misses out in this list) that has engaged me the most.  An addictive little beat em up.

87.Speedball 2 (Megadrive) (down 24)
Ah poor old Speedball 2, the Bitmap Brothers classic, falls 24 thanks to its simplistic gameplay.  There's always next season!

86.Silpheed (Mega-CD) (down 1)
I haven't had the chance to play this brilliant shooter lately, but I have such fond memories that it still only slips one place to 86.

85.Turbo Esprit (ZX Spectrum) (down 35)
One of the biggest fallers in this year's list.  I guess just driving around ain't enough these days :-(

84.Beach-Head (ZX Spectrum) (NE)
The sole Spectrum New Entry and US Gold's first game on the Sinclair machine, the highly-polished Beach-Head.  I played this for a previous blog post and became addicted to it once more, leading me to question how it didn't make last year's list.  Corrected!

83.Space Battle (Intellivision) (down 3)
My love for the Intellivision has slowly diminished over the year but this game got a re-airing thanks to Game Room.  Still slips 3 places though.

82.Mass Effect (Xbox 360) (NE)
After I completed Mass Effect several months ago, I was astounded.  Such an in-depth game of such, well, fun!  I easily saw it breaking into the top ten of my favourite 100 games.  What happened?  Well..

81.Impossible Mission (ZX Spectrum) (down 21)
Another Speccy game down many places - I just didn't play it this year.  But like with all games on this list (including those that have dropped out from last year's list), it only takes a few go's for me to start loving them all over Atombender says...stay forever!


  1. That Shaolin's Road shot looks awesome, I really must give that game a try :)

  2. It's very addictive, you should...

  3. First played Shaolin's Road on the Konami Classic Arcade collection thingy on the DS. Great stuff - love the spikeball you can attach to your feet!