Thursday, 18 October 2012

From the Archives: Alternative Software Extras Part 2

Issue of 107 is still available from the Imagine shop - click here!

Changing Henry
Below is the original cassette inlay from Henry's Hoard with the original price blacked out and Alternative's new price of £1.99.  Then the re-designed inlay featuring a much more cartoony style in keeping with the rest of Alternative's output.

Alternative released Henry's Hoard and Pheenix together in the winter of 1985.  They were their first releases.

The cassette inlay for Endzone.  Alternative boss Roger Hulley managed to get his name on the cover!
A brace of latter Alternative games and quite a difference of genres.  First, Dinosaur Detective Agency on the PC:-

And then the bloody Death Mask, a brave attempt to repeat the success of Doom on the Amiga.  Like most FPS-type games on the Commodore machine, it didn't quite work despite the bucket loads of blood.

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