Wednesday, 24 October 2012

From The Archives: Digital Integration Article Extras Part 1

This month's Retro Gamer features my From The Archives piece on legendary publisher and developer Digital Integration.  Dave Marshall had a box-full of material that I photographed when I interviewed him at his house, 90% of which didn't make it into the final article.  So here is the first batch.  I hope to find the time to also publish the full interviews of the DI employees I spoke to for the article.

Issue 108 of Retro Gamer is still available in shops or from the Imagine shop, click here

This is the one-page instruction sheet for Fighter Pilot on the ZX81, a far cry from the massive tomes that would accompany DI's later flight simulations.

A sample of the code for ZX81 Fighter Pilot, perfectly preserved on ZX printer paper!

And Dave Marshall's hand-written notes and calculations for the same game.

We move onto the Spectrum version now, and the code is now printed out on a proper printer.

Tornado on the 16-bit computers marked the start of doorstop-sized manuals
Given the tentpole style releases that DI specialised in, added value was always a priority.
An Amtix award for the Amstrad version of Tomahawk

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