Sunday, 11 November 2012

From the Archives: Cascade Games - extra images part 1

As with many of my articles, I submit a host of images to the magazine, a fraction of which actually appear in the feature itself.  Usually this amounts to some extra screenshots or box art, but occasionally I get a lot of extra material that may not be so familiar.

Guy Wilhelmy and Nigel Stevens, former co-owners of Cascade, both sent me some clippings, adverts and articles that didn't make it in the feature, so here's the first lot...

One of Cascade's mailshots, sent to anyone who had bought a game from Cascade via mail order (such as Cassette 50)

Top Right: Guy Wilhelmy's first business card, with the flashier later ones below.  Not sure what the other items are!

The inlay for Cassette 4, Cascade's ill-judged follow up to Cassette 50

Guy Wilhelmy's first company upon leaving University was the somewhat dry-sounding Databank Software Services.  Some of those game names will seem familiar to anyone who bought Cassette 50...

Here's an interesting one.  Guy wrote a program-writing package called Flexidata.  Unfortunately it was released at the same time as its well-publicised rival, The Last One, and flopped.

A cutting from the York Evening Press where Nigel Stevens shows off his new invention that pointed the way to a rather popular recent games console...

Cascade dabbled in hardware and peripherals, as shown by this press release for a joystick interface

 I'll put some more images up shortly.

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