Monday, 12 November 2012

From the Archives: Cascade Games - extra images part 2

As with many of my articles, I submit a host of images to the magazine, a fraction of which actually appear in the feature itself.  Usually this amounts to some extra screenshots or box art, but occasionally I get a lot of extra material that may not be so familiar.

Guy Wilhelmy and Nigel Stevens, former co-owners of Cascade, both sent me some clippings, adverts and articles that didn't make it in the feature, so here's the second lot.

For the full story on Cascade Games check out Issue 109 of Retro Gamer - out now!
For the full story on Cascade's Cassette 50, check out issue 2 of Pixel Nation, available at

A rare promo sheet of Nigel and Guy from the early days of Cascade.

An alternate shot of programmer Rick Vanner

Eeeek!  It's Tony Warriner in full zombie mode!

Some more of Guy Wilhelmy's business cards and a couple of paying-in slips, giving you an idea of the sums of money Guy and Nigel were moving around

Ah, the Cascade promise!  Ooh, and look, there's that watch again!

An unseen page from Databank's Catalogue.  As with all Databank material, everything was produced by Guy himself.

Another early Databank advert.  Note the part top left - yes, Petssette, the inspiration for Cascade's Cassette 50!

A press release for Databank

Guy's penchant for hyperbole was well-tuned even at this early stage

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