Saturday, 27 April 2013

Remembering Deathchase Extras: Interview with Eugene Kiyanov

For the final part of the Remembering Deathchase article extras, Eugene Kiyanov gives his thoughts on his Deathchase remake, the excellent Dark Rider for iOS. Please bear in mind English is not Eugene's first language!

My father was a hardware engineer and when I was 5, he made one [a computer] from raw microchip, it also has a custom box.

It was a cassete tape, when i first time run death chase, it also has lot of beeping while its loaded, and image on screen was generated row per row. 

From a technical viewpoint, the game was great, because it's try to make a real 3d feeling, and using only 8 colors, they do all best.

there is two reason why i start make it:
first: I start remake it in 2008, at this time there is nobody even trying to make some 'endless runners', and i think, it was a great idea make something 'endless' .
second: i have a small child and i also have a zx emulator on my phones, and surely i have deathchase rom for it. one time i saw my child playing it, and i think - i also was young when i first saw deathchase, and now my child also saw that, and he love it, but now that game can be much better ( visually ) than before.

After few weeks of development, i wanted to make great story line, and that where problems starts. I underestimate all work, all voice actors i need, artists, etc. so, after one year, i saw that some guys released 'Dead Runner'  - it has almost same concept, as deathchase, except, it dont have enemies, dont have levels, but you should run over forest.  So i decide - if i will wait more, i never release it, so, we cut off all cutcenes, helicopters, comics scenes, and make 'something simple endless'. "
Thanks to Eugene for his time. For more info on Dark Rider, click here:

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