Monday, 20 May 2013

Revival Retro Gaming Show 18/19th May 2013 at Wolverhampton

Here's my pics and comments for the fantastic retro gaming show Revival that I attended last weekend.

This marvellous wall of gaming goodness greeted each attendee.

Next to it was an Atari 7800. The game is Ninja Golf, a fantastic game where after taking each shot, you had to battle your way to the ball!

Next to the 7800 was the dear old Jaguar, here showing off the impressive Missile Command 3D.
Into the next room now, and an Intellivision and Atari 2600. RetroRik (and close relative I assume !) are having a go on Soccer.
Into the main room now, and there weren't many pinball machines, but they still proved popular.
This grand old arcade machine entertained me still.
RCM were present with an impressive display of rare machines.
A Spectrum +2 signed by various luminaries of the time.
The classic Amidar.
I'm not sure if they were an official part of the show, but I spotted these board games in a corner.
I am still in awe of the divide. Had to try a few classics on it.
30 years ago I didn't "get" Maze-a-Tron on the Intellivision. I still don't.
There were many sellers including this one, Rockrabilia. The Spectrum resting on its polystyrene was a rare early model and fetched an eye-watering £150!
The Halo ring was back.
Some classic arcade machines. I'm still useless at them all!

There was only one native Mega-CD game provided and it happened to be one of my favourites!
The horrible mushroom on top kind of ruins it, but here's the otherwise sexy Mega-CD/Megadrive Mark 1 combo.
A couple of shots of the TI-99
A poor Virtual Boy, sitting unwanted and unloved in a corner, its games lying beneath it liked spewed detritus.
The fruitcade was back (courtesy of Videogame Carnival), although not sure Track and Field games were good for the fruit.

There was an awesome VR unit present at the show into which anyone could climb. Pushing the top bottom on the "gun" made you walk forward.
The small screen on the left shows what the user can see.
Wall Pong was popular again as part of Matt Brown's Videogame Carnival.
As were the giant gameboys!
Overall it was a great show.  A big thanks and well done to Chris Wilkins (Boyo) and his team.

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