Friday, 29 July 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 games - Part 2 - 90-81

090.Harrier Attack! (Spectrum)

Mike Richardson's superb scramble clone capitalised on the Falklands War but was a great game nonetheless. Bomb the city!

089.Quazatron (Spectrum)
Ah, good 'old KLP-2, one of a long line in character pun names. Quazatron had its faults (the awful scrolling in particular), but the creative and fun mini grappling game - which was always random as well - was a great little edition to the isometric main game.

088.Alien Syndrome (Sega Master System) NEW ENTRY
I'm not a huge fan of the MS - I was basically still playing on my Speccy until the Megadrive came along - but after recently trying out this excellent arcade conversion, may have to re-evaluate!

087.Alien Storm (Megadrive)
An utterly bonkers Megadrive game along the lines of Golden Axe, except with aliens and FPS sections.

086.Myth (Spectrum)
This latter era Spectrum game boasts lovely animation, smooth graphics and intriguing gameplay. A platformer at heart, it's the polish that won me over.

085.Silpheed (MegaCD)
A shooter that still boasts stunning graphics, an amazing soundtrack and frantic, bristling entertainment.

084.Burnout (Gamecube) NEW ENTRY
Another genre I'm not particularly fond of, yet Burnout's sheer cheekiness and downright condonement of dangeous and illegal driving is a winner for me!

083.Brian Lara Cricket '96 (MD)
Cricket is a difficult sport to replicate on screen, yet Codemasters had a pretty decent stab at it back in 1995. Fielding was still boring though!

082.Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (PC)
Dark Forces was fine, but Jedi Knight is where Star Wars computer games really came to life. Boasting the real music, real recognisable characters, JK was the real deal.

081.Saboteur (Spectrum)
More Durell and Saboteur had a free-form nature that was iconoclastic at the time and a brilliant atmosphere. A true Spectrum classic.

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  1. Aah, Harrier Attack! The wave of nostalgia brought on by that screenshot alone is dizzying. One of my earliest gaming memories, the sound of those jet engines is indelibly etched into my inner ear.