Monday, 10 October 2011

Jdanddiet's Top 100 games - Part 9 - 20-11

20.Dead Space (Xbox 360) NEW ENTRY
Resident Evil 4 in Space. That may well have been the pitch, but Dead Space is so much more than that. Atmospheric in design, both graphically and aurally, it's a triumph of building tension and gameplay.

019.The Great Escape (Spectrum)
...or the game that actually suited the Spectrum's popular monochromatic display. World War 2 brilliance from Denton Designs.

018.Jungle Strike (Megadrive)
It may not be as nostagically popular as Desert Strike, yet Jungle improved upon the template set by its forebear with such verve and technical miracles - not to mention the multiple vehicles you could now control which added huge variety - that it is actually in effect superior in every respect.

017.Metal Gear Solid (Playstation)
The old Nintendo franchise got a brilliant re-boot on the all-conquering PS and it remains one of the greatest stealth games ever. The graphics and depth of gameplay marked it out as an outstanding game back in 1998 and it remains quality now.

016.Star Wars Battlefront (PC)
It got a mild slating at the time from my favourite PC Magazine, PC Gamer, but I always loved its simplicity; run around, or jump in one of the iconic vehicles, and blast those pesky Imperials Rebels. Huge fun.

015.Bubble Bobble (Arcade)
It's what must be one of the most bizarre concepts ever for a videogame, but for sheer entertainment wins hands down. Another great multiplayer game.

014.Bomb Jack (Spectrum)
One of a limited cadre of Spectrum games that is actually better than the arcade original (see Renegade, Bosconian '87), Bombjack was an addictive collect 'em up with smart graphics and a one-more-go factor that was rarely beaten on the Speccy.

013.Chuckie Egg (Spectrum)
Although I originally played this classic platformer on the BBC, it's the Spectrum where I played it most, and the game is almost identical. Challenging, yet simple, Chuckie Egg is one of the greatest platformers ever and I always preferred by me to the over-rated Manic Miner.

012.Buck Rogers: Countdown To Doomsday (Megadrive)
SSI's achievement in squeezing down their complex PC and Amiga game into the Megadrive 16-bit cart should never be underestimated. The result was an outstanding RPG that mixed classic Rogers mythology with some nifty team and space combat.

011.Academy (Spectrum)
Tau Ceti laid the foundations upon which Academy built. Pete Cooke designed a remarkably open-ended game, with a variety of missions designed to qualify the player as a gal-corp skimmer pilot. The ability to design your own Skimmer was a huge innovation at the time.

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